Leslie West Photography » Athens Wedding Photographer


What’s your style? Creatively, how will you approach my wedding day?

My style is focused on capturing real moments and genuine emotion. I want to go far beyond taking just a pretty picture.  I want you to get your photos back from me and relive all your happy memories. On your wedding day, I want to be a fly on the wall. I want to provide you with a relaxed, stress-free environment in which to express all your range of emotions. So have fun! Laugh, sing, make silly faces, and ugly-happy cry about getting to marry your best friend!

Where are you located? Do you travel?

I am based in Athens, Georgia. (Go dawgs!) I love to travel!!!

Let’s be best friends! How do I secure your services for my wedding date?

A signed contract and a 50% deposit will be required to secure your wedding date. Your deposit will go towards the final payment.

Can I provide you with a list of photos I want?

Ideally, I would love to have creative freedom on your wedding day. It is my goal to be different and for your images to be unique. I love capturing real moments and raw emotion, and when provided with a detailed photo list, I fear missing those moments because my focus is elsewhere. When revealing the final product, having been able to capture all that genuine emotion makes for a much happier bride (and happy photographer)!

However, I highly recommend providing a list of family members you would like to be included in group photos. I don’t want anyone to be missed!

Can I see all the unedited pictures you took on my wedding day?

Goodness no! Trust me, you won’t be missing out. Once I have finished capturing your perfect day, I will spend countless hours going through every single image and removing duplicate images, test shots, unfocused shots, and shots with bad expressions. What remains will be delivered as a beautifully polished image gallery filled with an overwhelming amount of joyful memories and special details. 

How long will it take to get my final images back? How many images will I receive?

Final wedding images will be delivered a month after the wedding date. The gallery will contain a minimum of 400 images. (But usually it’s so much more!) Portrait and engagement session images are delivered two weeks after the session date and you are guaranteed a minimum of 50 images.